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Emergency Gas Leak / Carbon Monoxide Repairs

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Gas Leak Repairs
Carbon Monoxide

Gas Leaks

When you have a gas leak, it is best to get this investigated and repaired as soon as possible. All Plumbingforce engineers are Gas Safe Registered, meaning are qualified and accredited to investigate and repair gas leaks in domestic and commercial premises.

When you experience a gas leak, our team can schedule an engineer to usually attend within hours of your telephone call. We can also provide advice on how to turn off the gas supply in your property to avoid any health issues or illness as part of the booking process.

Gas leaks (also known as gas escapes) can appear anywhere in the property, but namely are from pipework or from a gas appliance itself (boiler, cooker or fire for example). They can appear at any time, even on pipework which hasn't been touched or is installed under flooring or in walls. When you can smell gas, be sure to call us right away!

Carbon monoxide poisoning

Carbon monoxide is a poisonous gas which can be produced by faulty, poorly maintained or unsafe gas appliances. The easiest way to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning is to ensure your gas appliances are serviced and checked annually, however Plumbingforce also recommends the installation of carbon monoxide detectors which will also sound an alarm should carbon monoxide be detected in your home.

Unfortunately, carbon monoxide gases have no colour, taste or smell, making it difficult to detect. It is produced when fuels such as gas or oil don't burn completely, which typically occurs when there is insufficient oxygen in the appliance to burn at the right ratio. Typical symptoms of poisoning are headaches, breathlessness, dizziness, nausea, collapsing or falling unconcious. It can sometimes also be confused with food poisoning or viral/flue like symptoms.

When working on your gas appliances, Plumbingforce gas safe engineers will always check to ensure the appliance is safe to ensure no risk to you and your family. If you think you could be suffering the effects of carbon monoxide, be sure to give us a call as we can usually attend within hours of your phone call.


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Emergency 1-3 Hour Response*. 0808 252 2868