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Everything You Need To Know About A Megaflow Cylinder

Jun-2020 / 4 min read

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More and more people in the UK are installing Megaflow heating systems in their homes. This, in turn, begets the question, “What exactly are Megaflow heating systems and what’s so special about them?” 

If you, too, are wondering why exactly what a Megaflow heating system is, then you’ve come to the right place! 

In order to help you understand further why many households are going with the trend and installing their own Megaflow heating systems, we’ve come up with a comprehensive guide which lists everything you would want or need to know about Megaflow.

What Is A Megaflow Unvented Cylinder and How Does It Work?

Megaflow (or Megaflo if you want to be completely accurate) is a hot water storage cylinder made of stainless steel. The Megaflow system was produced by Hetarae Sadia, an expert in the manufacturing of reliable hot water cylinders and storage water heaters among other products. 

As part of a home’s central heating system, the Megaflow efficiently stores hot water and provides its users with an abundance of the said hot water, whenever and wherever they need it.

Moreover, being an unvented system, the Megaflow mimics the pressure of the water mains, thus helping households get a steady stream of hot water, anywhere within your home. This means you wouldn’t have to worry about poor water pressure even when there is more than one outlet (shower or tap) running!

Such unvented cylinders are further classified into two. The direct unvented cylinder and the indirect unvented cylinder.

A direct unvented cylinder takes its supply of cold water from the household’s water mains. True to its name, it makes use of direct heating or an immersion heater inside the cylinder to make hot water. Naturally, once the water in the cylinder has been used up, the direct unvented cylinder tops up on cold water straight from the water mains before heating it up. 

Meanwhile, an indirect unvented cylinder makes use of hot water supplied by an external source such as a traditional home boiler. In such cases, a coil within the cylinder maintains the temperature of the hot water so that it stays at the temperature set by the cylinder’s thermostat. As the hot water from the unvented indirect Megaflo is used, the boiler will start refilling the cylinder with hot water.  

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What Are The Pros and Cons of A Megaflow Cylinder?

If you are considering investing in a Megaflo cylinder for your home, it would be ideal for you to weigh the pros and cons of owning one. Here are some factors you may want to consider in your decision making

The Pros of A Megaflow Cylinder

Because you are using an unvented system, you won’t be using a cold water tank. The lack of a cold water tank, in turn, is beneficial for the following reasons:

You don’t need to make room for a sizable tank in addition to a cylinder.

Because water won’t be sitting in a cold water storage tank, the risk of contamination and the collection of sludge and dirt can be minimized.

You can install your Megaflow cylinder almost anywhere within your home.

The water pressure in your system will remain consistent, even when it is being used in multiple places within the house.

A Megaflow cylinder is easy to install, replace and maintain.

Such cylinders have 60mm of insulation.

A Megaflow comes with several safety features such as powering off upon reaching the desired temperature, and the Temperature/Pressure Relief Valve (TPRV) which would drain water out of the cylinder to reduce the pressure inside it. 

The Cons of A Megaflow Cylinder

Because you’ll be using the main water supply for your system, you wouldn’t have backup storage of cold water. 

The system needs water pressure from your main water supply pushing through it to ensure it delivers hot water. If your main water supply is low in pressure, the flow rate of the water reaching your showers and taps will also be weak.

Not all homes have pipework that can withstand the high pressure from the Megaflow. In such cases, replacing the pipework could cost a lot of money.

The high velocity of water flowing within the pipes can be noisy.

How Do You Power Up A Megaflow Cylinder?

Megaflow cylinders use electricity as its power source. As for the heat source, most also use electricity. However, as most Megaflow hot water tanks are also compatible with solar thermal energy, you could easily use solar panels as a power or heat source for your Megaflow direct unvented cylinder as well.

Alternatively, because Megaflow cylinders work with renewable energy, you may easily be able to provide a backup heat source in the event that something goes wrong with your boiler.

Meanwhile, if you are using an indirect unvented cylinder, your boiler may also be using electricity or a gas supply line as its power and heat source. 

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Just How Powerful Is A Megaflow Cylinder?

If you live in a large household where people tend to use hot water all at the same time, or if you’re simply wondering about how powerful a Megaflow cylinder is, then you’d be glad to know that the Megaflow is suitable for large households with multiple bathrooms. 

That means one unit will be able to provide for your hot water needs with no problem! And the best part? You can expect a constant and steady stream of water pressure. 

Yes, you read that right. Unlike with traditional or combi boilers alone, you will not experience an overall drop in water pressure with a Megaflow cylinder.

Will I Be Able To Use The Megaflow For A Long Time?

The truth is, it depends. There are varying levels of water hardness in the UK, which means it will depend on where you are located exactly because some regions have soft water, while some have hard water. That means depending on which of these you have in your area, you may be prone to issues like mineral or limescale deposits on your kettle and your pipes. 

However, you wouldn’t have to worry much about such issues with a Megaflow hot water cylinder, as each unit is made of high-quality stainless steel, plus it comes with a 25-year warranty!

Do I Need To Call A Professional To Install and Maintain My Megaflow Cylinder?

Without a doubt, yes. As most central heating systems are connected to a gas supply line one way or the other, it is best to employ the help of a qualified heating engineer to help you with your Megaflow cylinder. Call us now to set an appointment with one of our partner heating engineers!

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