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How You Can Get the Best Plumbing: London and Surrounding Areas

Aug-2020 / 6 min read

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Having a functional plumbing system is an important part of your home life. When poorly maintained, you may have to deal with weak water pressure, pipe leaks, and blockages until you have the whole system gutted and redone. It is an expensive problem that can set you back thousands of pounds and ruin a lot of your furniture. A house flood can even exponentially decrease your house’s market value.

Thankfully, this isn’t a problem for most homes in the UK. The only thing you need to do to get the best plumbing system is to find a decent plumber. Regular maintenance, same day repair, new installations – your local plumber must be someone who can weather the leaks and blockages with you all-year-round. 

I Need A Plumber

As a homeowner, you need to be able to take care of small repairs around the house to keep it in tip-top shape. You cannot depend on annual visits alone for proper maintenance. If you aren’t familiar with the common repairs you can do around the house you can read more about it in Plumbingforce’s other blogs for toilet blockages, toilet repairs, shower leaks, water leaks, and water pressure problems. You can call a local plumber for all these concerns, but before you run to Google search “plumbers near me,” you can try your hand at it. 

DIY fixes have their own limitations. You cannot try to do pipework and gas work on your own for safety reasons, and even the most simple problems may require a professional plumber. You need to be able to look at an issue and decide whether you need to call a plumbing company or not. 

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How You Can Get The Best Plumbing In London

If you want the best plumbing in London, residents need to find the right person for the job. Most people settle for plumbers who have been working with the family for years. However, in a city like London, where people often come and go, it can be very tricky. Just when you think you found the right plumber for the job, they may relocate, and you have to start the process all over again. 

Besides learning the ropes of caring for your plumbing system and finding the right plumber, you also have to consider how the different parts of your home interact since it may indirectly affect your system. 

Plumber vs Heating Engineer

Heating and plumbing work side by side, so when there are issues left uncheck, you can damage more than one system. If you are having trouble with hot water – is it a heating or plumbing problem? It can be hard to tell since they tend to overlap. You need to learn how to identify which problem goes to which person. Are you going to call heating engineers or plumbers in London?

Another example of why it is important to work closely with a heating company is your boiler. Your boiler heats water and distributes it for the rest of the house. Some of the hot water goes to your central heating system like your radiators, while others go to the hot water tank and your taps. 

When you have a broken boiler, the water pressure changes, and this may lead to inefficient heating and weak water flow. When left by itself, it can lead to corrosion in your pipes – both heating and plumbing. You are dealing with an expensive energy and water bill on top of pipe repairs and a boiler replacement. See? When you consider the final results, boiler repair becomes a top priority if you don’t want to ruin your plumbing system. 

You can work with a separate heating company, but why go through the trouble of keeping in contact with different people? Instead of scheduling one day for Gas Safe heating engineers and another for plumbers in London, why don’t you address both of them at the same time? Plumbingforce covers both plumbing/heating services so customers can tick off both tasks without too much trouble. 

How To Find Plumbers In London

In a densely populated city like London, customers have to navigate the different plumbing companies. Competition is fierce, and you can take your pick of freelance plumbers to nationwide services. Instead of settling on a company from a brief ad, here are steps you can take to find the best plumbers in London: 

Select A Well-Known Company

While you can find the best people in the most unlikely places, there is always a bit of trial and error before you find the right plumber. The safest route is working with a well-known company. Companies have a thorough vetting process to make sure that, at the bare minimum, your plumber knows what to do. They usually have tests and workshops to keep their employees up to date. Customers can turn to them for consistent service. 

Besides, if you are unhappy with their work, you can easily hold a company accountable while a freelance plumber would be extremely difficult. After all, the stakes are high for these businesses since they have a reputation to uphold. 

Check Their Coverage Area

A plumber near me is a major criterion when you are looking for plumbers in London. While the city has excellent transportation links, most plumbing services drive themselves over. Since it is a home service, you want to make sure they can easily get to your street. 

Navigating through London, will all its twists and turns, can be quite tricky. This, paired with London’s traffic, can end up wasting a lot of your time. It’s best to get a locally-based plumber who is already familiar with the area.

Look For Convenient Services

The best plumbing services often go the extra mile to keep customers satisfied. If you want the best plumbing system, you need to avoid plumbers who settle for the bare minimum. The extra mile may vary. They could try to have affordable rates to be accessible or expand their working hours to accommodate emergencies. Get the best value for your money and check their website:

  1. What kind of plumbing jobs do they do?
  2. Do they offer free quotes?
  3. What are their additional services?
  4. Do they have a 24-hour service?
  5. Do they have deals and discounts?

Think about it, if you have odd working hours, a 24-hour plumbing/heating service can take care of your problem without destroying your schedule. With London running on around the clock, it is always best to look for companies that have your convenience in mind. 

Plumbingforce offers a same day service so you can get an emergency plumber over as soon as possible, usually within the 3 hours from your call. And these conditions apply to both our heating and plumbing services, so you never have to go a day without decent hot water.

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Compare Their Quotes

Before you book a plumbing company, ask for a price estimate. Submit a detailed account of your plumbing issues so they can give you an accurate estimate. Do this with several companies and see which one offers the best deal.

When they finish the plumbing job, check the gap between the initial quote and the final bill. They don’t have to be exact, but the difference shouldn’t be too big either. If there is a drastic change in the cost, ask for a breakdown. With an itemised bill, you can better assess if the service is worth the rate you paid or not.

Read Customers Reviews

Once you have a list of companies, you can narrow them down further by reading the customer reviews and the company response time. Ultimately, hiring a plumber is an act of trust. You need to trust that they will get the job done as quickly as possible, without sacrificing quality.

You need to trust that they have fair rates. You need to be able to trust a stranger with entering your home. This is why word of mouth is powerful. When your family and friends recommend a service, you magically have the answer to all these questions. 

While it is best to work off the recommendation of family and friends, it isn’t always possible. If you live in a new city alone or have unique circumstances, other customer reviews might be more helpful. Besides reading the glowing 5-star reviews, pay close attention to the poor ones as well they can provide valuable insight. 

Here is a short guide for weeding out the relevant information from these reviews. First set your expectations. Plumbers have different approaches to their work. You need to know what you want before committing to a service. The second is identifying whether they are an excellent service or not. Avoid the short one-liners and go straight to the long reviews so you can make an informed decision:

  1. How was their plumbing/heating service?
  2. Did they conduct themselves in a professional manner?
  3. Were there issues with the fee?
  4. Did you experience things that might overshadow their service?

There are so many kinds of plumbers within one company. So every time you need something fixed, you can slowly narrow them down until you find the one that best suits you.

Find Plumbers In London

Having excellent plumbing in London may not seem like a big deal now but wait when you realise how troublesome a bad plumbing system can be. Imagine using a clogged toilet that may flood at any moment or getting ice-cold water from the taps in the middle of winter – it isn’t a pleasant experience. A well-maintained system ensures that this does not happen to you. With these 5 steps, you are sure to find the best plumbers in London. When you find a plumber you like, make sure you get their name and develop a long-term working relationship.

If you are looking for honest and reliable plumbing service in London, contact Plumbingforce at 0330 173 4952 or book us online! We can handle any kind of plumbing and heating problem for you with our professional plumbers and Gas Safe engineers!

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