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One-Off Boiler Services: A guide

Nov-2020 / 4 min read

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Many people in London avail the services of licensed boiler engineers at least once a year. A lot of boiler manufacturers offer annual boiler service to their customers. These boiler engineers check the condition of the customers’ boiler at least once a year. If they don’t offer annual boiler services, you will need to independently hire yourself a boiler engineer. Similarly, if you need help for a boiler repair and boiler emergency, you are going to need to avail a one-off boiler service. In this case, you should first know the things to note in availing a one-off boiler service. Keep reading to get the information you need in getting a one-off boiler service and other boiler services!

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Why is One-off Boiler Service Important?

Keeping your central heating system and gas boiler working correctly is essential not for your convenience but also to ensure your safety. Many people avail annual boiler service to regularly check if their boiler is working properly. However, there will be times where you have to call a boiler engineer ASAP when you think something is off with your boiler. Definitely, you can’t wait for your annual boiler service schedule just to fix your boiler and central heating. Availing a one-off boiler service is just as important especially in times of emergency.

One-off boiler service cost is also important if you want to fix or if you want to replace an old boiler with a new boiler. If you spot corrosion or leaks, these should be fixed ASAP to prevent any fire or carbon monoxide accidents. If you simply need peace of mind for your home, then you can have your boiler serviced. You can also include any other related services such as repairs for your gas appliances to get a better quote and price.

Can I Service My Boiler on My Own?

Some people are tempted to service or repair their boiler on their own so they can save money. Doing so may actually lead you to pay a higher cost of boiler services. Boiler service and any other gas-related work are complicated. It requires years of expertise and training to do correctly. Even if you miraculously fix your boiler on your own, there’s no telling if you did some damages that would show up later on.

These kinds of work need to be done precisely. Any careless mistake could compromise the safety of your home. Thus, all gas-related work is best done by a Gas Safe Registered engineer. After all, messing around with your boiler cover and other appliances may cause you to damage them further. 

What Are Gas Safe Registered Engineers?

Letting the professionals do the boiler service and repairs is not just a mere piece of advice. It is actually a law in the UK that only gas safe registered engineers can do gas work to ensure gas safety and monitor gas pressure. 

When you’re availing any kind of boiler service, make sure to check first if the engineer is gas safe registered in England. You can go to the Gas Safe Register website to check. Their Gas Safe Register ID should also indicate the kind of gas work and appliance they are licensed to work on.

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What is the Average Cost of a One-Off Boiler Service?

There is really no fixed price for a one-off boiler service as it depends on many factors. The average cost for a simple one-off boiler service is around £70. The range can go as low as £50 and as high as £100 or more, depending on the condition of your boiler and the complexity of the job. 
If your boiler needs a thorough boiler service, you will definitely need to pay a higher price. The costs of the boiler service will also be affected by the materials and parts needed to repair your boiler. The fee for the boiler service may also depend on your location in the country. Take note also of the costs of the parts and labour to have a good estimate of the price.

When to Get a One-Off Boiler Service and When to Get a Boiler Cover Plan?

If you have a new boiler, paying for a one-off boiler service makes better financial sense. A new boiler most likely means that it will be working properly for a long time and rarely will it need to be fixed.
However, if your boiler is old, it may need regular checking and repairs to keep it working and make your boiler last longer. If you need monthly or annual service, then it is best to avail a boiler cover plan. On average, the monthly fee for a boiler cover plan is £9 to £13. These prices may vary on the company you will book and on the possible quotes you may get.

When to Get Your Boiler Serviced?

Avoid having your boiler serviced around wintertime. This is usually the time when most boilers are breaking down. With demand high, you may have to pay a premium price for a one-off boiler service. The best time to give your boiler a thorough maintenance check is before winter.
Make sure that you spring for boiler service before the cold sets in. This way, you can avoid having teeth-chattering nights because your boiler stopped working in the middle of winter and there are no available plumbers around.

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