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What Is A Gas Safety Check?

Mar-2020 / 3 min read

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A Gas Safety Check is an annual legal requirement which calls for a Gas Safe Registered Engineer to manually inspect all the gas appliances in the household (i.e. cooking appliances, boilers, and even chimneys). Any gas appliances in your home that use gas or emits fire needs to undergo an annual check to ensure their safety and efficiency. Your gas pipework is also checked. Tests are run to determine whether there are any issues i.e. micro leaks present in your pipes that could bring a much bigger problem in the future.

What Is Included In A Gas Safety Check?

The Gas Safety Check will include a comprehensive examination of all gas-related fixtures of your property. For example, gas appliances such as cookers, hob, and ovens need constant inspection as broken cooking devices are one of the most common causes of house fires. For your health and safety, it is better to push for an annual check than being left unaware of the issues in your heating system, gas appliances, etc.

The Gas Safe Registered Engineer will conduct thorough safety inspections of the flues, chimney and even your smoke and carbon monoxide detector. Left unchecked, these broken appliances may lead to several unfortunate incidents like a house fire or even carbon monoxide poisoning.

Who Can Make A Gas Safety Check?

Only Gas Safe Registered Engineers can sign off on your Gas Safety Record. Gas Safe Registered Engineers go through extensive training that allows them to pick up even the smallest risk present in your gas appliances, which is crucial for your safety.

Do I Need An Annual Gas Safety Check?

Yes. The Gas Safety Certificate expires every 12 months which means you need to book an appointment with a Gas Safe Registered Engineer before it expires. This is in accordance with the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998.

Over the months, wear and tear can affect the performance of your gas appliances. These micro damages, in the long run, could prove to be a catastrophic headache for you. It is this exact reason why it is mandatory to renew your Gas Safety Certificate every year. When you move to a new apartment, it’s best to immediately ask for the Landlord’s Gas Safety certificate

How Long Does A Gas Safety Check Take?

This would depend on the number of gas appliances and pipes that you need to have inspected. On average, however, a regular-sized household will not take more than an hour if everything is perfectly working. Make sure that you talk with your Gas Safe Registered Engineer if you have plans on that day. It might be best to book on a weekend when your schedule is free. Your engineer may find something that needs to be repaired or he might want to discuss some safety advice. Rushing the gas safety inspections will not be beneficial to your health and safety.

Who Should Get A Gas Safety Check?

It is your landlord’s responsibility to schedule an appointment with a Gas Safe Registered Engineer. The law requires all residential areas to have a valid Gas Safety Certificate to ensure their safety.

How Much Is A Gas Safety Check?

This depends on your Gas Safe Registered Engineer. Generally, during the call, he would give you an estimate depending on the gas appliances that you have, your location, and which tests your property requires.

How Do I Know If My Property Had A Gas Safety Check?

The Gas Safe Registered Engineer should be able to provide you with a Gas Safety Record. Before moving home into a new apartment, your landlord should give you a copy of the Gas Safety Record of the unit as proof that it has been inspected by a professional Gas Safe registered engineer. You can also ask your landlord for a copy if you’re already residing in the property. The landlord’s failure to provide this document can act as grounds for legal action.

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