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What is a Gas Safety Record?

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  • What exactly is a gas safety record? A gas safety record is a piece of paper that a professional engineer is going to leave with you once they’ve either performed a safety check, serviced or even fitted an appliance in your home. Of course, the information that is on your gas safety record is going to depend on the kind of work that was done and what the purpose of the work was.

    When it comes to the law, if you own a property and have people rent it out, then you will be required to supply them with a gas safety record that implies you have had the home checked at least once a year to make sure that it’s safe to live in. This is incredibly important if any appliances in the home are run by gas, to help prevent leaks and other issues that can arise. A professional is required to execute this type of safety check so that the details written on the safety form can be officially recorded and verified as correct.

    What Should Your Gas Safety Record Contain?

    What does your gas safety record need to contain, then?

    • A verification that a professional has carried out the appropriate safety checks and the results of the checks are true and correct
    • If any issue was found or detected, it needs to be recorded on the record, as well as any protocol regarding how the professional has decided to deal with it
    • Details of the landlord, including the address and full name. Their agent may write down their details if they manage the property directly
    • The full address of the property that has been checked for issues and safety
    • The date that the safety check was executed
    • Name, company, signature and registration number of the professional who executed the safety check
    • A detailed description of all the appliances that were checked, as well as a description of where they’re located in the home

    As well as making sure that gas appliances are running correctly, landlords also need to make sure that all pipework is doing well. This may include requesting an integrity test from the professional engineer checking the safety of the gas appliances.

    Gas Safety Records If You’re Not a Landlord

    What do you need to check for on the gas safety record if you’re not a landlord, then? Before a professional does any work in your home or checks any of your appliances, it’s important that you can confirm with them what they’ll be doing and what type of documentation you’ll be receiving. This is mostly because if you’re not a landlord, then a professional engineer doesn’t legally have to provide you with any type of record, so if you want to receive one for your own peace of mind, you need to let them know before the job gets done.

    Of course, the level of detail that goes into the form once the work has been done is going to vary based on the work and what was checked, so if you’re hoping to have a record of something specific it’s important to communicate this before any work has begun.

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