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Finding Plumbers Near You in London

Oct-2020 / 6 min read

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Every household in London experiences a plumbing emergency.  Whether it’s a blocked or burst pipe, a noisy boiler, or a dripping tap problem,  you need to have a reliable and professional plumber that can come to the rescue within the hour. A plumbing issue heavily affects your daily schedule. Can you imagine waking up to a house without water?

Trusted and qualified plumbers in London will ensure that the internal plumbing and the water supply pipes inside your kitchen, bathroom, shower,  and toilet are free from problems. Aside from plumbing repairs, plumbing services also include heating services and checking of the boiler and gas. Thus, knowing where to look for reliable plumbers in London for your peace of mind is a must.

Finding plumbers in London is easy these days. Thanks to the Internet, you can now search for local plumbers working near you in just a few clicks. However, the Internet also allows unqualified people to trick people into paying for costly repairs and substandard plumbing services. Knowing where to find a trusted plumber is essential to avoid costly repairs and unnecessary damages. Here, we listed a couple of questions and several things you need to check when looking for a professional plumber near your home.

  1. Understanding Pipe Responsibility
  2. Do You Need to Look for a Plumber?
  3. How to Find a Good Plumber
  4. How to Find a Plumber You Can Trust
  5. How Much is a Plumber’s Rate per Hour in London
  6. Local Plumbers Recommended For You

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Understanding Pipe Responsibility

First, you need to know why people hire plumbers by understanding pipe responsibility.  Two main groups who are responsible for maintaining water pipes are the water company and the homeowner. Water companies are mostly responsible for maintaining pipes in the road and public land up to the external stop tap. The pipes running inside and outside the home until the external stop tap are the homeowner’s responsibility. This means that as a homeowner, you are responsible for repairing any pipes connecting your home to the network.

If there is a problem in a public space such as a burst pipe on a pathway, the water company should be contacted as it is their work to fix them. However, if there’s a problem with the water pipes at your property, it is your job to repair them. Some minor problems such as small pipe holes in the kitchen or bathroom can be easily fixed. However, most people in London don’t have the knowledge, time, or experience in fixing major problems in water pipes, boiler, plumbing heating, etc. Thus, many people opt to hire plumbers to do the job for them.

Do You Need to Look for a Plumber?

People in London often avail the service of a plumber to repair their pipes when they have a leak. It is important to know how to check for a leak in your property’s pipeworks. Otherwise, you may end up wasting a large volume of water which may cost you higher bills. There are a couple of tests you can carry out yourself to check for a leak.

If you have a water meter, try these easy steps:

  1. Start by turning off all your taps. Turn off other appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines.
  2. Check the water meter and take note of the reading.
  3. Wait for about three hours then check the reading of the water meter again.
  4. If the latest reading is different from the original reading, this could mean that you have an internal leak.
  5. If your meter reading has not changed, turn the internal stop tap back on. Wait about 10-15 minutes.
  6. Get the reading of the water meter again.
  7. If the latest reading is different from the original reading, this could mean that you have an internal leak.

If you don’t have a water meter, try filling a litre container. If your water is filling properly, the container should be filled in about 7 seconds. Otherwise, there may be a problem with the water pressure which is indicative of a water leak.

Before you call the service of plumbers in London, we suggest checking first your home insurance policy to determine whether the policies cover the internal plumbing and pipe repairs of your property.  If you are a new tenant or you’re renting a property, determine first which one between you or your landlord is responsible for fixing the pipes in the property.

How to Find a Good Plumber

To get excellent quality service, you need to know how to choose the right plumber. Since pretty much everyone needs help with plumbing, start by asking around for recommendations. This can be a good way of searching for qualified plumbers in your area. Asking your family members or neighbours ensures that you will get reliable reviews of their plumber’s service.

If you can’t find great recommendations, the Internet is always a useful tool in finding plumbing-related services in London. The Internet is a wide source of information, so we suggest trimming your search down by phrasing your words wisely. Try being specific by providing keywords related to your plumbing problem such as “plumbing heating problem”. When searching for a local plumber, be particular with what you enter by providing your location in London.

How to Find a Plumber You Can Trust

Check customers’ reviews

When searching for a reliable emergency plumber on the internet, be sure to take time reading their latest customer reviews. Popular search engines such as Google has its own reviews system. There are also different sites that offer the latest reviews of such services. Try checking these sites for reviews. Avoid plumbing companies in London with bad reviews from.

Check the plumbing company’s website

If you come across a plumbing company’s website, check how their site looks. A reliable plumbers company like Plumbingforce would definitely keep their professional image by ensuring their website is highly presentable to their customers. 

Check their latest terms and conditions and get their contact details. Companies that provide these details are seen as transparent with their job. A credible company would also have a complete and professional-looking email address.

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Check whether the plumbing company is registered

To ensure a plumbers company’s trustworthiness, check whether it is registered with the appropriate associations.  Check the lists on trade association websites. An example of an official list is the Gas Safe Register which lists all gas safe registered companies and all qualified gas engineers who can legally work on gas appliances. 

Other relevant trade associations are the Association of Plumbing and Heating Contractors (APHC) and Chartered Institutions of Plumbing and Heating Engineering (CIPHE). Checking whether the company you will book is registered is highly recommended to ensure your safety.

Look for established plumbers in London

Letting plumbers work on your gas, boiler, or plumbing and heating system is a crucial matter. To ensure your safety and protect your peace of mind, it is ideal to choose established and trusted plumbers that work in London. Established companies in London offer quality workmanship and usually have many years experience doing their job. Reputable companies working in London have a high standard when it comes to providing quality service to their customers.

How Much is a Plumber’s Rate Per Hour in London

Aside from the reliability, you should also have an idea on what sort of budget you have.  The rates of plumbers in London may differ from one local town to another.  Thus, it is important to look and book for local plumbers that work near you.  If you are in the market and you are looking for a new boiler or new plumbing and heating supplies, it’s best to partner with Plumbingforce.

If you have a limited budget, try explaining your budget and what you want to achieve. Transparency between you and a tradesman is important in order for the business relationship to work properly.

If you simply just need a local plumber to help you fix your kitchen, boiler, shower, heating, or toilet problem, you must know the estimated rate of their jobs. The cost of their service may vary depending on the requirements you need, the type of job, and the length of time it will take.

Most plumbers working in London charge at an hourly rate which is typical £60 to £80 in London.  The typical day rate of a plumber’s work is fixed which is around £500 in London.  If you need to call a plumber for emergency purposes, the cost of work can be twice as much amounting to about £200 per hour in London. It is also helpful to have an idea about the costs of some of the common plumbing jobs. Replacement for a toilet costs around £100  to £300 while a replacement for a sink costs around £100 to £250. Meanwhile, it usually costs around £50 to £140 to fix a burst pipe.

To cover the best prices, we highly recommend getting a free quote from a plumber company. Get quotes from different companies in London and compare each quote before settling for one. Ask for a detailed quote covering all the work you want to be done. Make sure that the quote is also covering the call out charge and the cost of the parts that may be required. Note however that the cheapest quote does not guarantee the best choice. An unrealistically low quote may be a trade on the quality of the plumbers’ service.

If you want a local plumber in London that has a high standard in workmanship while also providing cheap and free quotes, Plumbingforce is the best choice for you.  Plumbingforce consists of a team of same day plumbers and gas engineers that have years of experience in working to provide service to people all over London. Plumbingforce offers a wide range of plumbing-related services including heating services, boiler and shower repairs, blocked drainage, and new gas cooker installation.

Throughout the years, Plumbingforce has been known to operate a fast same day service in London. If you want your plumbing problems to be fixed within a 24 hour period, book Plumbingforce to avail the service of our great team of plumbers. We guarantee you that our plumbers have many years experience in working and doing their job most efficiently.

If you need help with an emergency, contact us to arrange one of our great team members to attend to your property without delay. Got any questions? Call us at 0330 162 1659 and we’ll answer all your queries!

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